Our Mission

Never settle for mediocre gear. We want employees or students to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, yet keep their individual identity too. That's why we created Ideon, we believe you can have both unity and personality.

More Options

We're all about pushing the boundaries about what we can offer and how we can make your brand resonate with your employees and customers. Think outside the catalog and bring your big ideas.

Better Quality

There's nothing more disappointing than ending up with an entire order of mediocre branded gear. At Ideon we guarantee quality in our clothing and in our work every time, and we create in-house so we can achieve the quality control you need..

Beyond Easy

Simplicity is king. Ordering and managing company clothing can be a logistical nightmare. It's why we're building a full clothing management system that will take the pain out of ordering clothes.

More than just an embroidery service

We're building an online clothing management system for organizations just like yours. Getting awesome gear for employees, customers, students, or your favorite gearhead should be as easy ordering a pizza and having it delivered right to your door, piping hot, made exactly how you like it. That's why we're creating an online system where you do the fun stuff like picking out sweet clothing for your organization and we take it from there. We call it the Clothing Management Shouldn't SuckĀ© Program.

Keep Your Budget

Expand your Options

Manage it all Online

Empower and Connect with People

(because really, that's what this is all about)

Innovation Loves Company

You won't have to worry about figuring sizes or managing inventory ever again. If you are interested in eliminating headaches and becoming part of the clothing management system of the future, feel free to sign your company up to be a beta tester.

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